Pet Addendum

(Addendum to the Lease Agreement)


This addendum is attached to and forms a part of the lease agreement, dated this date:
Between Integrity Realty & Management, Inc. (LANDLORD) and (RESIDENT)
Residing at:
The resident(s) have a
Additional Pets
(List any additional pets included in this agreement)

Which shall occupy the leased premises. The RESIDENT(S) agrees to the following terms and conditions in exchange for permission to have the described pet

1. Dogs that shall not be permitted on the premises and are considered vicious are: Pit Bull, Chow, Doberman, Sharpei, Rottweiler, German Shepherd, Akita, or any mix of the above breeds, as well as other dogs known to have vicious tendencies or to have bitten anyone. No large breeds allowed.
2. RESIDENT(S) agree to pay a pet fee of $30.00 as a
[ ] refundable [ ] non-refundable or [ X ] monthly pet rent prior to taking occupancy. A Pet Deposit of __________ is due at time of signing. This deposit will be nonrefundable if at any time pet is evicted, has any complaints, (i.e. barking, Tenant neglect, aggressive behavior, Tenant not picking up after pet, etc).
3. RESIDENT(S) agrees to pay immediately for any damage, loss, expense or injury caused by their pet.
4. The pet must be licensed and inoculated for rabies and other usual inoculations for the type of animal.
7. The RESIDENT(S) accepts all responsibility for said pet and its actions, and holds the LANDLORD harmless for any claims against the pet.
5. The permission given is to keep the particular pet described above and none other. This permission may be revoked at ANY TIME if in the LANDLORD’S sole judgment the pet is creating a nuisance or disturbance or causing damage to the property. This also includes not picking up after your pet and yard damage or stains.
6. The pet must be kept in the residence, on a leash or in a fenced area provided (if applicable) and not allowed to run loose and disturb other tenants. The pet must be kept under control at all times.
7. The RESIDENT(S) accepts all responsibility for said pet and its actions, and holds the LANDLORD harmless for any claims against the pet.
8. RESIDENT(S) agrees not to leave the pet unattended for any unreasonable period of time.
9. RESIDENT(S) agrees to pay the monthly fee from the start date of this addendum through the remainder of the lease.
10. The RESIDENT(S) will remove droppings from said property daily. If any complaint is made by any other tenant, ground maintenance crew, or any other person, or if RESIDENT(S) is caught not picking up after their pet, the RESIDENT(S) will loose the privilege of having a pet immediately.
11. All carpets will be professionally steam cleaned at the time of moving out by the LANDLORD at the RESDIENT(S) expense. If a pet has been in the home at any time during the term of occupancy, (with or without consent) the LANDLORD may charge for de-fleaing or deodorizing.


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